Animal Rescue Links

Here are some great links I’ve come across that deal with animal issues. Check them out!

These links are for videos from the Pedigree YouTube channel. Pedigree does a lot of work to help shelter dogs, and they’ve made several videos advocating the importance of adopting from shelters. The first video is one of my favorites. Although it’s short, the message is one that will stick with you. The video it aims to break stereotypes about shelter dogs and encourages shelter adoption. The second link goes to a touching video that highlights a particular dog, Echo, who was adopted from a shelter. The Pedigree channel has several videos like this that feature different dogs who were adopted from shelters. The end of the video talks about the Pedigree adoption drive, a campaign Pedigree started a few years ago in which they help shelter dogs find homes. It’s good to see a large corporation like Pedigree taking notice of such an important issue and doing their part to help!

This link goes to a website for an international organization called Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). The website has a lot of interesting information and videos about what the organization has done to help animals in need all over the globe. Two of their main programs are the Shelter of the Week program and Operation Baghdad Pups. The Shelter of the Week program honors an animal shelter each week by featuring them on the website and providing the shelter with a cash grant. Operation Baghdad Pups provides veterinary care to the stray dogs US soldiers have befriended while fighting for our country. This program also helps out with getting the dogs to soldiers after they return to the states. This organization is not as big or well known as ASPCA or the Humane Society of the United States, but it does a lot of good work for the sake of animals.

This blog called, A Place to Bark, chronicles the life of dog and cat rescuer Bernie Berlin. She rescues dogs who have been abandoned, abused, confiscated from the police, or are scheduled to be euthanized at other shelters. A Place to Bark is a registered non-profit organization in Tennessee. The blog has a lot of posts about what the organization is accomplishing and features particular animals and tells their stories. This is a fairly new organization, and in just five years it has saved 2500 animals. However, due to the economy and lack of funding, A Place to Bark (along with many other shelters) are facing financial issues. In fact, this past July the organization was almost forced to close its doors, but thanks to a grant it was able to make ends meet. Nevertheless, costs of keeping up a place this is a constant struggle, and donations are always needed and appreciated.

This is a blog that focuses on providing tips to animal shelters. Their tips vary from fundraising ideas to getting more grants to finding volunteers and more. This is a great website for people who work or volunteer at an animal shelter to check out to get some ideas to better operate the shelter. For example, one blog posts emphasizes the importance of leaving politics out of animal shelters. Bringing politics into the animal shelter can create tension between workers or volunteers who disagree with your point of view. This also takes attention away from the real problem at hand: saving the animals.

The Animal Advocates website has tons of information about animal cruelty and advocating for animals. One of their campaigns is called “Unchain Your Friends” which sends an important message about how dog owners should not be able to leave their pets chained to a tree for its life. One heartbreaking video dealing with this issue on the website tells the story of a dog who spent 10 years on a chain with basically no companionship or attention. The neighbors of this dog had even seen its owners urinating on her from the porch. After years of phone calls to authorities, the dog was finally rescued by animal advocates and now lives with a family that loves and cares for her. The people behind this website do a lot of good for the sake of animals, including abused animal rescue, puppy mill rescue, advocacy for animals, pet store investigations, and more, all of which is chronicled on this website.


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